Tufts Hillel with Celebrations

Tufts Hillel with Celebrations

Coming soon: hebrew Tufts Kippahs!

Tufts Hebrew T-shirts!


Tufts Hillel Sweatshirt and Sweatpants

Tufts Hillel with TSR Celebrations

TSR Celebrations is happy to announce that we have teamed up with Tufts Hillel to provide the Jewish community with Shabbat baskets and baskets for a variety of Jewish holidays! For the last year and a half, Celebrations has been the vehicle bringing weekly Shabbat baskets to students who request them through Hillel. Over the last year, Tufts Hillel and Celebrations have worked to increase the variety of holiday options available to students. Now, parents and students can conveniently order right through the TSR website. We are very excited for this new addition to our website and hope you will check back for options as we grow together!

Tufts in Hebrew T-shirt

See picture in sidebar!

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Hebrew Tufts Sweatpants

These navy Tufts in Hebrew sweatpants are brought to you by Tufts Hillel and TSR.

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Hebrew Tufts Sweatshirt

These navy Tufts in Hebrew sweatshirts are brought to you by Tufts Hillel and TSR. Small-Extra Large sizes are available.

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Tufts Hillel Knit Kippah

Knit Kippah with “Tufts Hillel” and Tufts in Hebrew sewn it

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